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engage with the story:
an interactive reading guide

Dive into dialogue with these discussion questions designed to help you navigate the narrative.

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  • What made you want to read this book? 

  • Were you familiar with the case from the 1990s? If yes, did this change your view of the case? If not, can you recall a similar case? 

  • Some say Robin should have taken a plea deal and ended the charges against her. What if she had done that? Would her story be as compelling? What would YOU do? 

  • How effective is the narrative technique and why? 

  • How does the title relate to the book? Boxes are an important theme in the book. How does it work?  

  • What evidence is used to support the author's assertion that they were all innocent? 

  • What surprised you the most about the book?

  • Consider a specific passage that you thought was particularly engaging, enraging, provocative, or thoughtful. Why? (It helps to read it aloud in the group.)

  • Did the book make you want to explore something more? 

  • Of all the issues raised in this book, what stuck with you the most? 

  • Did you find yourself doing Google searches while you were reading? What did you search for and why? Did you learn something revealing or enlightening?  

  • Do you feel changed by this book? 

  • After reading the book, were there lingering questions? 

  • How would you tell someone about this book? 

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